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What is experiential education?

Experiential Education is a unique integration of traditional classroom training with a hands-on based component which promotes learning.

This process has proven consistently to provide a learning experience that is sustained and applied far longer than traditional approaches.

The ropes course experience

A “ropes course”.  Sounds like fun, but what exactly is it?  Life –transforming! Challenging! An opportunity for growth! And yes, fun!

First, a few basic facts about a ropes course.

  • It is a unique tool for assisting groups and individuals in achieving a wide variety of goals.

  • It is designed to challenge both groups and individuals.

  • It is a series of obstacles built with logs, ropes, cable and trees.

  • It includes low challenges (activities on or near the ground), and high challenges (activities requiring the use of safety equipment).

The challenges provide the opportunity for your group to:

  • Learn through adventure

  • Solve fun & fantastic problems

  • Take healthy risks and challenges  

  • Discover and articulate the dynamics of group process

  • Build trust and support

At Higher Heights we encourage all groups to:

  • Combine the talents and gifts of all its members

  • Support each other in achieving both personal and group goals

  • Step out of their comfort zones

Programme structures

Each programme is planned to meet the needs of each specific group.  Most programmes will follow a similar pattern in the types of activities used.  Each group begins on the ground, getting to know each other with a number of ice breakers.  Next we move on to group initiatives & low elements, and then if scheduled, high elements. 

Why low elements first? Group initiatives, or problem-solving activities, help your group to:

  • Begin the teaming process 

  • Develop effective communication skills

  • Establish a trusting environment

  • Support each other

  • Establish a plan before action

  • Give feedback, and make decisions as a group

What do high elements have to offer? As an individual, you’re given the opportunity to:

  • Discover your courage

  • Discover your true limits by challenging your perceived limits

  • Experience the excitement of an “adrenaline rush”

  • Step out of your comfort zone and face your challenges head on

Are you ready for the experience? Here is a sampling of our programs:

  • Wilderness Challenge Pursuit

  • The Eastern Challenge

  • The Fitness Challenge

  • Bathsheba Derby & Cook -off

  • Beach Olympics &Boat Building Regatta

Recreational Activities

Higher Heights also provides a number of recreational activities which include :

  • Hiking

  • Low and high ropes challenge courses

  • Obstacle courses

  • Orienteering

  • Camping

  •  Nature trails 

Who can benefit from the ropes course experience?

  • Corporate Groups

  • Therapeutic populations

  • Sports teams

  • Recreational groups and associations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Individuals

  • Incentive groups