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Higher Heights provides powerful experiential-based programs to corporate entities, school and community organizations, recreational groups, sport teams,  tourist groups, service associations, in short to any group of persons or individuals interested in development and motivation of the individual, the team or the organization.

Our programs are based on outdoor adventure training methodologies. Higher Heights provides two main areas of activities - recreational and educational. 

We specialize in interactive team building and experiential learning programs and are committed to the development and enhancement of individuals and organizations. Our mission is simple: to promote self-confidence in individuals and to encourage teamwork in organizations through experiential based learning.

Our training programs are carried out on our magnificent twenty-six acre site in the eastern parish of St. Joseph on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. The challenge course and adventure site are designed to present an ingenious and creative challenge to participants in the program. The location is ideal not only for the physical challenges to be met but also for enrichment of the spirit in the tranquil and serene environs of Barbados's Scotland district overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The adventure site also offers hiking, rappelling, orienteering and camping. In addition to our site, we also provide a wide range of portable activities which can be run at virtually any location - whether indoors or outdoors at one of the islands many beaches.

Higher Heights provides a safe and exciting environment, which prompts learning through self-discovery. Individuals engage in fun and memorable experiences that inspire them to act on new levels of understanding, assisted by trained and certified facilitators.

Our year-round programs provide tremendous learning experience for individuals and groups and unforgettable moments of enjoyment!